ProSTEP iViP Association released Version 2 of Recommendation No. 14: "JT Industrial Application Package" and safeguards the future of successful usage of JT-Format in industrial.


JTIAP contains a comprehensive specification of JT-file-format and is an industry driven concretion and enhancement based on ISO 14306. JTIAP is compatible to all currently known JT implementation, but expand it to additional usecases (specifiend in PSI 14-2) and allow advanced efficiency potentials. Hence JTIAP is the recommended specification of neutral JT format.

JT-format has it´s focus on industrial usage with high performance and lightweight, flexible data format. The purpose is concentrated on 3D product-definition data-exchange, between IT Systems and enterprises.

It enables the representation of

  • 3D-Geometry - exact and tesselated,
  • Product Manufacturing Information (so called PMI), e.g. dimensions, tolerances, surface conditions, etc.),
  • Product structure (based on ISO 10303 – 242 XML)
  • Visualisation elements like light sources, textures etc.

Due to a powerful compression algorithms it is possible to achieve a tremendous data-reduction comparing with native CAD data.

The recommendation contains all necessary references to implement and use JT software neutral and free of licence fee. JTIAP is completly specified as ProSTEP iViP Recommendation (PSI 14-1 V2, released on June, 24th, 2016) and can be downloaded at (



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